Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Disneyland Trip

Today I am being lazy. I had a migraine last night went to bed early and thought it would be gone when I woke up but I still have a headache this morning so I have been laying around with all the lights off. What a good time to blog right? So I thought I would post some pictures of our Disneyland trip that we took last month. We were so excited to go. Brent and I have never taken the kids so we thought it about time to go. We had a great time. We also went to the beach. It was so cold and windy we didn't last long.

Funny enough one of my favorite things at Disneyland/California Adventure was the Pixar parade. I loved it the costumes were great! As you can see I am right down there with the kids. I couldn't help myself.

I think Wyatt really thought he could pull it out. He loved every minute.

We had to have the picture in front of the castle. It's a classic. Some of our friend were going at the same time so we met up with them. Ash and Tan were in hog heaven because they could go off with their friends and not stay and go on the kiddie rides. We gave them money and shuttle passes and told them to make sure they didn't miss the last shuttle of the night to take them to the hotel. They loved it. Occasionally we would run into them and they would barely talk to us. It was hilarious.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Worst Blogger EVER!

This is my pride and joy! Nothing can bring greater happiness (or misery) than motherhood.

Poor Brent, he always thinks I am laughing at him. (I wonder what gave him that idea. Laugh.) He just doesn't understand that I am laughing because he is stuck with me forever.

Aren't my parents cute? I love them so much! Just looking at the picture warms my heart and makes me grateful to have been raised by two very amazing people. :)

I am the worst blogger ever! I never seem to have the time or the thought (probably the more correct excuse) to get on and do this. We had our family pictures taken just a little bit ago by the "Great" Heather Ives. She can work magic. I thought I would put a few of my favorites on.