Monday, June 16, 2008

This is the Ashley update. These are here 8th grade promotion pics. We looked high and low for a modest dress for her. Hard to find here in AZ. We finally just got one off the internet. She was beautiful. Looking way beyond her 14 years. We were lucky to have Brent's mom and Dad here with us. The two girls with Ash are her good friends from school and the guy in the glasses is her basketball coach whom she loved. He was really great with the girls. I can't believe my girl is going to high school. She is so excited. I am scared to death. I guess we just hold on tight and have fun right?


The Eastman's said...

Hey Maeg!
I LOVE the blog! I am sooooo glad you have one! Those pics of Ash are adorable, she looks way too old! Lets keep in touch! Love you guys!

Moncur Clan said...

Maeg.. Your kids are just to beautiful!! I am so happy that Ash found my blog and that I found your too.. I am going to add you guys! Wish we could see each other more.
Love ya

aShLeY said...

mom im crying! didnt u have n e otha pics?:)

Jaime said...

ok... Ash is soooo beautiful, man I don't envy you with the dating years, I know that I'm a few years off. I may be calling you for advice!

Dahlene said...


Your Ashley has grown up so much. What a beautiful girl. It's a good thing Brent is a big guy. He may have to escort some guys away from your house.

I'll keep checking your blog to keep up.